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Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas And Free Christmas Printable Gift Tags From Moodthology Papery

Christmas gift wrapping ideas – It’s that time of year again, the season of giving and lots of presents that need wrapping! We do it each year and often the present wrapping stage is overlooked and rushed. First, we’re all busy shopping and searching for the perfect gift for our friends, family and loved ones, not to mention how consumed we all get with holiday party planning, decorating our homes and holiday travel. With our attention focused on other holiday tasks, wrapping the presents is often one of the last things that gets completed.

A beautifully wrapped present makes the gift-giving gesture so much more meaningful. This year we’re sharing with you some of our favorite Christmas gift wrapping ideas and trends. Impress everyone on your gift list with beautifully wrapped gifts to make your presents shine.

Free Printable Christmas Gift Tag Sheet

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As our holiday gift to you, we’ve created 8 beautifully illustrated and designed holiday Christmas gift tags available in black and color, as a Free download for *personal use only.* Our Christmas gift tags are available as a free download sheet that you can print, cut out, and incorporate into your own Christmas wrapping decorations. Simply fill out the form below. Then we can send you an email to download the printable files. Enjoy! Also, check out our wide selection of gift tags available on our Zazzle Store.

Download Free Printable Christmas Gift Tags By Moodthology Papery

*These free gift tag printable sheets contain original artwork designed by Lisa & Melanie of Moodthology Papery. Just a reminder:  The artwork is copyright of Moodthology Papery. You may not reproduce, distribute, modify, sell or re-post to other websites without the express written permission by Moodthology Papery. These free printable gift tags may only be used for your own personal use only.

Check Out These Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas & Trends

Below are some Christmas gift wrapping ideas and treads that are sure to show your family, friends and loved one just how much you care with presents that shine. Plus you can use our free printable gift tags to personalize your Christmas gifts.

Mix n’ Match Colors & Patterns Christmas Wrapping Ideas

Sometimes it’s fun to mix it up and have fun with different colors, patterns, styles and bold coloured ribbons to give your presents an asymmetrical look. Have fun experimenting with different pairings to create unique, modern pieces that will make a statement. We love this combination with the bold non-traditional colors, unique abstract patterns and modern design pairings. The modern simple multiple color Christmas tree pattern wrapping paper, pairs beautifully with the bold abstract patterns. The deep yellow complements the accents of the Christmas tree pattern. The pop of bold black adds a striking look. This style of Christmas wrapping is a super easy look to achieve. Start by selected a cool unique paper and have fun experimenting with different papers to create unique one-of-a-kind Christmas wrappings. This style is sure to grab your recipient’s attention.

Mix n' Match Colors & Pattern Christmas Wrapping By Moodthology Papery
Elegant Modern Florals & Foliage Christmas Wrapping

For a simple and chic look, this elegant modern florals and foliage wrapping idea is super clean and sophisticated. This wrapping style forgoes the bright traditional holiday colors and favours a softer and natural color palette. Simple line-art patterns pair perfectly with the soft watercolor foliage paper to create a simple and sophisticated look. Replace your standard ribbons with simple natural twine and decorate with sprigs of christmas greenery and foliage.

Elegant Modern Florals & Foliage Christmas Wrapping Paper By Moodthology Papery
Classic Black & White Christmas Wrapping

There’s nothing more classic, sophisticated and elegant than the beautiful pairing of black and white christmas wrapping paper and decorations. There are so many endless combinations to explore and pair together. Pair solid black or white wrapping paper with a bold pattern for contrast or experiment with matte and glossing papers for a sophisticated contrast. You really can’t go wrong with the black and white christmas wrapping paper design style. In this example, we’ve paired a bold trendy black flannel plaid pattern with a simple white paper with black typographical design, for a crisp contract. This style is sure to please your fashion savvy recipients.

Rustic Vintage Charm Style Christmas Wrapping

If you love DIY crafts and making your own wrappings and decoration, then you’re love this rustic vintage wrapping style. There’s something charming about pairing wrapping papers with your own personalized gift decorations. Get crafty and have fun with paring natural kraft papers with simple rustic vintage style patterns. Use what you have around your home to add a unique personalized look to your gifts. A simple natural twine, natural sprigs of christmas greenery and pinecones are excellent accent pieces for a truly natural look. In this example we’ve paired a rustic woodgrain tree pattern with natural kraft paper and rustic vintage truck paper. Simple twine and natural elements complete this charming natural look.

Rustic Vintage Charm Style Christmas Wrapping Paper By Moodthology Papery

Have Fun Creating Your Own Christmas Wrappings

These are just a few Christmas gift wrapping ideas that to fire up your own creativity. Feel free to use some of these ideas and mix them up with your own personal touch, along with our free Christmas gift tags. The holidays are about giving so have fun creating your own wrappings that you’ll be excited to share with your family, friends and loved ones this holiday season.

Warm Regards, Lisa & Melanie

Moodthology Papery

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