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August Free Desktop Wallpaper

In this blog post you’ll find our August 2020 free desktop wallpaper. Scroll down to find out how to download yours.

This month’s desktop wallpaper art is inspired by our love of the outdoors and enjoying the tranquil and mystic beauty of lake life. When we’re not designing and illustrating, we love to get outdoors and enjoy leisure activities such as hiking and canoeing. There’s a quote “Go Where You Feel Most Alive”. This can be an actual place, a special spot, a beautiful memory, whatever that place makes you feel the most alive.

“Go Where You Feel Most Alive”

For us, being outdoors is where we feel the most alive. Taking in the sights and all the beauty that nature has to offer is truly fulfilling. This is our time where we like to get away from our phones and computers and clear our minds. We draw a lot of our inspiration and creativity from our outdoor adventures. It’s our time to relax & regroup, to bring a fresh open mind to our creative business with new ideas and inspiration.

Available as an Art Print & Jigsaw Puzzle

This month’s desktop wallpaper artwork is also available for purchase as an art print, canvas for a beautiful room wall decor art piece, and a fun jigsaw puzzle.

About our 2020 August Desktop Wallpaper Artwork

For the month of August, we created this digitally painted illustration inspired by our love of the outdoors. We’ve digitally painted this tranquil lake scenery with crystal clear aqua blue shades, a canoe dancing on the lake with soft ripping water brushing up to the shoreline. We’ve incorporated magnificent whales swimming in the deep water to create this imagination place.

We hope this artwork will fill your desktop screen with imagination and wonder. We wish you all a wonderful August!

Canoe On The Lake Art Print By Moodthology Papery August free desktop wallpaper

We’d Love to See our Desktop in Action

Enjoy this month’s wallpaper art! We’d love to see our wallpaper in action. Please feel free to share a photo of your desktop/space on Instagram @moodthology with our desktop wallpaper. We’d love to share it on our Instagram stories.

How to Download the Free August Desktop Wallpaper

To download our free 2020 August desktop wallpaper, please fill out the form below. Then we can send you an email to download the artwork file.

The artwork is an original artwork and desktop wallpaper illustration designed by Lisa & Melanie of Moodthology Papery. Just a reminder: This desktop wallpaper artwork is copyright of Moodthology Papery. You may not reproduce, distribute, modify, sell, or re-post to other websites without the express written permission by Moodthology Papery. This image file may only be used as a desktop screen wallpaper for your own personal computer.

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Warm Regards, Lisa & Melanie

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