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February 2021 Free Desktop Wallpaper By Moodthology Papery

February 2021 is here! This means it’s time for your February 2021 free desktop wallpaper! Scroll down to find out how to download yours. This past month we’re getting back into the groove of things. New designs, organizations, and planning for the months and weeks ahead. Interested in getting more organized this year? Check out our free daily planner sheet and blog post.

Can’t believe it’s February already and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Feels like we just had Christmas. In January we had a lot of fun creating some new illustrations, artwork, and graphics for our Valentine designs for 2021. We created a fun blog post showcasing our new designs for this year. There’s still time to get your special Valentines a personalized gift, special card, or fun wrapping paper. You can check out our Valentine’s blog post where we share our favorite Valentine’s Day designs and products for 2021.

About our 2021 February Desktop Wallpaper Artwork

With February being the month of a Valentine’s Day. We totally had to create Valentine’s Day inspired illustration for our February desktop wallpaper artwork. So, rather than focusing on a traditional Valentine’s style. We created a modern, contemporary one. A beautiful piece of artwork to display on your personal computer. Just like you would display other prices of artwork on your walls to add style to your home decor.

Valentine’s elements and theme is intentionally subtle in our artwork. We wanted to create the feeling and emotions of love and romance. Selection of colors, brush strokes, and abstract movements of the elements to create a beautifully modern Valentine design.

Modern & abstract art is a style of design that we very much enjoy creating. There is something therapeutic about creating abstract art. Experimenting with the color palette, shapes, bushes, and other elements. Pairing the elements together to create something unique and expressive. We hope this artwork will decorate your desktop space with beauty and love.

We’d Love to See our Desktop in Action

Enjoy this month’s wallpaper art! We’d love to see our wallpaper in action. Please feel free to share a photo of your desktop/space on Instagram @moodthology with our desktop wallpaper. We’d love to share it on our Instagram stories.

How to Download the Free February 2021 Desktop Wallpaper

To download our free February 2021 desktop wallpaper, please fill out the form below with your email address. Then we can send you an email to download the artwork file.

February 2021 Free Desktop Wallpaper By Moodthology Papery


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The artwork is an original artwork and desktop wallpaper illustration designed by Lisa & Melanie of Moodthology Papery. The artwork is an original artwork and desktop wallpaper illustration designed by Lisa & Melanie of Moodthology Papery. Just a reminder: This desktop wallpaper artwork is copyright of Moodthology Papery. You may not reproduce, distribute, modify, sell, or re-post to other websites without the express written permission of Moodthology Papery. This image file may only be used as a desktop screen wallpaper for your own personal computer.

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Warm Regards, Lisa & Melanie

Moodthology Papery

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