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June 2021 Free Desktop Wallpaper By Moodthology Papery

June 2021 is here! This means it’s time for your June 2021 free desktop wallpaper! Scroll down to find out how to download yours. Hello June! June is one of our favorite months for a few different reasons. First off, June is the month when we can really start to enjoy the outdoors. Enjoy dining outdoors and decorate the exterior with our summer decor items with all of the little details in place to spend a lovely time outside.

Another reason why June is one of our favorite months is gardening season is officially in full bloom. Here in Canada, we often still have cool weather in late May right up until June. We’re so excited to start reaping the rewards of our home garden. Our tomatoes & pepper plants are now planted in the garden, along with our kale, spinach, lettuce, and radishes that we planted from seeds. We’ll share our homegrown garden progress on Instagram over the next few months as our garden grows. So excited we can’t wait!

Last but not least June is Father’s Day! Send love to all of the awesome Dads. It’s not too late to still find the perfect gift for dad. If you’re still looking for the perfect gift for Father’s Day, you can check out our recent Father’s Day Gift Guide 2021 blog post. Our convenient Father’s Day gift guide features a selection of gift ideas for your super special, amazing dad. Gift ideas for every type of dad on your shopping list.


Our June free desktop wallpaper captures the beauty of summer. We created this refreshing design featuring all of the colors of summer in full bloom. We created a beautiful bokeh style backdrop with all of the colors blending together in perfect harmony. Love it when the sunlight dances on the leaves and flowers, they look as though they are sparkling.

Crisp white flowers, foliage, and butterflies pop off the screen with the subtle flowers and blossoms creating a beautiful backdrop behind them. We’ve also incorporated some typography into the design with ‘Hello June’ displayed in modern watercolor calligraphy. A simple calendar is added to this month’s desktop wallpaper for quick and easy reference. We hope this desktop wallpaper brightens your desktop space!


Enjoy this month’s wallpaper art! We’d love to see our wallpaper in action. Please feel free to share a photo of your desktop/space on Instagram @moodthology with our desktop wallpaper. We’d love to share it on our Instagram stories.

June 2021 Free Desktop Wallpaper By Moodthology Papery

Sorry Our June 2021 Desktop Wallpaper Artwork is no longer available for download

Sorry, this wallpaper is no longer available for download


The artwork is an original artwork and desktop wallpaper illustration designed by Lisa & Melanie of Moodthology Papery. The artwork is an original artwork and desktop wallpaper illustration designed by Lisa & Melanie of Moodthology Papery. Just a reminder: This desktop wallpaper artwork is copyright of Moodthology Papery. You may not reproduce, distribute, modify, sell, or re-post to other websites without the express written permission of Moodthology Papery. This image file may only be used as a desktop screen wallpaper for your own personal computer. We reserve the right to change, modify or discontinue our free monthly desktop wallpaper at any time without specific notice of such changes or modifications.

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