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Modern Business Card Designs For Any Profession - Moodthology Papery

Make a great first impression with modern business card designs. Even in this prominent digital age with online advertising, social media, and digital communications. A professional paper business card is still an important marketing piece for your business. With many business marketing pieces going paperless and launching into the digital space. There is still one marketing piece that still remains a very important printed marketing asset for your business: the business card.

A business card still remains the easiest and quickest way to provide your business details and contact information to prospective customers and clients. Perfect for handing out at events and networking venues. They can also be beautifully displayed on your desk, checkout counter and to connect with others.

We’ve created this latest blog post to share with you our modern business card designs. We’re showcasing some modern business card designs that you can easily customize for your business. Our business card design templates are available in our Zazzle shop. It’s super easy to get a professional business card that you can easily customize with your logo, images, contact information, and marketing text.

Scroll down to explore our selection of modern business cards to find the perfect business card for your business.

Minimalist Business Card Designs

A simple minimal style business card is a great choice for many. Sometimes less is more! perfect for content-focused designs. Placing all of the focus on your information and details is a very attractive choice. A simple well organized minimal design makes it easy to locate key information without unnecessary clutter.

Modern Business Card Designs For Any Profession - Minimalist Business Cards Moodthology Papery

Photo Business Cards

Photo prominent business card designs are a great choice for easy recognition and a lasting memory for your clients and customers. Your personal portrait is a great impactful visual for your business and brand. Often it can be easy to forget the companies name or logo, but it is much easier to remember a face. Photo business cards can also help build trust and familiarity.

Photo Business Card Designs Moodthology Papery

Social Media Business Cards

These are a great way to take your social and online presence offline. Perfect for brands, companies, and influencers with a heavy online presence. These designs capture the online social media style and look on a printed design.

Social Media Business Card Designs Moodthology Papery

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