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Say ‘I Do’ to Our New Boho Country Western Wedding

Welcome to the enchanting world of boho country western weddings. Where the untamed spirit of the West meets the whimsical charm of bohemian design. The warm glow of a desert sunset and the tender embrace of a country meadow come together to celebrate love. This is not just a wedding theme; it’s a picturesque journey crafted with hand-painted elegance and rustic charm. So, let’s saddle up and explore how our new Boho Country Western-style wedding collection can transform your special day.

A Palette Inspired by Nature’s Western Romance

Our collection is a harmonious blend of our hand-painted boho western watercolor florals and western-style cowboy artwork. Including elements like the classic cowboy hat, cowboy boots, wagon wheel, wooden barrel, and a lucky horseshoe. Each piece blossoms in elegant boho colors that evoke the warmth of a desert sunset and the soft romance of a country meadow. Featuring a palette of rich creamy whites, delicate blush pinks, and vibrant accents of orange. All nestled amidst lush greenery, your wedding will tell a story of love as timeless as the western horizon.

Boho Country Western Style Wedding Collection Color Palette Inspiration By Moodthology Papery

Elegant Craftsmanship in Each Detailed Stroke

Step into a world where the charm of the rustic frontier fuses seamlessly with the sophistication of refined artistry. Within the core of our exclusive collection, you’ll discover our handcrafted Western-inspired monogram floral crests. Embodying the spirit of bohemian grace interwoven with the rugged beauty of Western aesthetics. Picture your initials, lovingly embraced within the loop of a floral horseshoe monogram crest. A timeless emblem of prosperity and enduring affection.

Each of our artwork is meticulously painted, brushstroke by brushstroke. With unwavering attention to the tiniest details, transform your wedding stationery into an enchanting masterpiece. These exquisite pieces are not merely invitations; they capture the essence of your unique love story and the promise of adventures yet to come. From the delicate petals to the bold, earthy tones of the horseshoe. Every element is designed to mesmerize your guests and elevate your special day into a celebration of love.

From First Invite to Final Thank You: A Suite of Western Elegance

Our collection is not just about aesthetics. It’s about giving you a comprehensive suite of stationery that will guide your guests through your wedding journey. Here’s a glimpse of what we offer:

Wedding Invitations:

Choose from a selection of beautiful wedding invitations. from flat wedding invites to all-in-one folded invitations, each telling a story of your love through bohemian brushstrokes and Western charm.

RSVP Cards:

Ensure a seamless experience for your guests with RSVP cards that blend seamlessly with your theme.

Enclosure Cards:

Provide all the essential details with enclosure cards that carry the rustic elegance of your big day.

Save the Date Cards:

Excite your guests from the get-go with Save the Date cards that promise a wedding like no other.

Day of Stationery:

From signs to table numbers, welcome banners, seating charts, and programs. Every piece will carry the signature style of your boho country western wedding.

Let Your Love Story Be Adorned with Boho Elegance and Western Romance

Choosing our Western-style wedding design suite collection means saying “I do” to a celebration adorned with the allure of boho elegance and the timeless beauty of Western romance. Your special day deserves a setting that’s as unique and heartfelt as your love story, and our collection promises just that.

As you embark on the journey of marriage. Let our Boho Country Western Style Wedding collection be the compass that points to true love’s destination. With every handpainted detail and rustic accent, your wedding will be a testament to the beauty of blending worlds—a place where boho chic meets Western tradition in a perfect marriage of styles. Say “I do” to our collection, and let the adventure of a lifetime begin with a celebration that’s as wild and free as your love.

Are you ready to ride off into the sunset with the wedding of your dreams? Contact us today to start weaving the Western boho magic into your special day!

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Thoughtful lovely paper goods, custom gifts & home decor for life’s joyous occasions.  Design & art studio by twin designers & artists ~ The artsy duo blends their love of art & design to capture the beauty of the world in our art & design pieces.


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