Floral Blooms Protect & Save Our Beautiful Earth Air Freshener

Display and show your support and love for our planet earth with our beautiful blossoming save our planet car air freshener. The design features our original hand-drawn earth illustration capturing the true beauty of our beautiful planet we call home. “Protect Our Earth” is displayed in modern san serif over the blooming floral earth illustration, to capture the feeling of beauty, growth, and life. All illustrations are hand-drawn original artwork by Moodthology.


Style: Square Air Freshener

Sometimes life stinks, but luckily, you don’t have to! Air fresheners are great affordable gifts for family, friends and even yourself! Make it meaningful or make it funny, but either way, make it something you’ll enjoy smelling day after day!

  • Available in 3 different shapes and 5 amazing scents
  • Long lasting, odor eliminating fragrance
  • Double-sided, full-color quality printing

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Green, Multicolor

Product Type

Air Freshener


Floral, Modern, Whimsical

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