New You | New Year Resolutions Girly Illustrative Planner Emerald Green

Chic, and girly new year new you resolution planner. Our cute and girly planner features our own hand-drawn illustrations depicting different resolutions you want to achieve for the new year!. We’ve illustrated pink dumbells and a green kettlebell to represent getting fit and healthy. For eating more fruits and vegetables we’ve represent that resolution with avocado, kale, and a strawberry. The alarm clock represents getting more sleep. Cute pink and grey planner book to illustrate getting organized. We’ve also incorporated a sweet caucasian girl wearing a yellow polka dot top and suspenders. Also incorporated into the pattern is a beautiful and sassy African American girl wearing a pink heart sweater, and a yellow bow in her hair. The resolutions words are written in a modern hand-written style font. A deep emerald green background adds a modern look. The reverse side of this adorable planner is a pink line paper background with faux hole punches. Customize with your name. This adorable planner is perfect to start your new year and new you in style and help to motivate and achieve your new year resolutions. All illustrations are hand-drawn original artwork by Moodthology papery.


ize: Small (5.5″ x 8.5″)

It’s time to get organized! Plan your days in style with the help of a customizable planner. Perfect for your busy lifestyle, this planner has a place to plan your months, plan your weeks, and write down everything that’s important to you!

  • Dimensions: 5.5″ x 8.5″
  • One sheet of fun and colorful repositionable stickers in back (shown)
  • Includes monthly and weekly layouts, 12 months, 60 pages
  • Softcover front and back covers laminated
  • Wire-o® spiral spine available in three color options

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Floral, Fun, Watercolor

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