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Welcome To Our Rise & Design Blog By Moodthology Papery

Hey, hello there! Welcome to Our New Rise & Design Blog By Moodthology Papery. Thanks for dropping in to our brand spanking new blog! We’re super excited to launch our Rise & Design blog! We’re Lisa & Melanie, twin designers + illustrators of Moodthology Papery. An online paper design shop specializing in a wide range of custom personalized products. Including invitations/cards for special occasions, wedding, birthdays, baby shower events, christmas, stationery, business cards, apparel, mugs so much more!

This is our first blog post for our brand new blog! In this welcome post we’d like to first take a moment to introduce ourselves, why we’re blogging, what you can expect to discover in our blog, our blogging goals and how you can stay up-to-date on new blog posts, content, freebies & products/designs.Visit our about us page to learn more.

Why the name, Rise & Design

We wanted to choose a name for our blog that reflected us and what we do. After some time brainstorming and collaborating, we fell in love with the name “Rise & Design”. For that reason we choose this name for our new blog because designing is one of our greatest passions! We alway have design on the mind, day and night!

Everyday we start the day designing, illustrating & creating. Above all, we’re so grateful that we get to make art, design & illustrating our full time job. Certainly, you’ll alway find us with either a pencil in hand creating something new. Deep in thought brainstorming unique and creative concepts for new products for our Zazzle store. At our computer editing, digitalizing and putting it all together to create the final masterpiece.

A bit about us

It’s been a little of a year now since we started our Moodthology Papery business. It’s always been on our mind to start our very own design blog to serve as a creative outlet where we can share our love for art & design.

From a young age we’ve always been drawn to design and art. This passion for visual design and expression, led us to further our educational journey into the study of design and visual arts. After achieving a four year design & visual arts diploma we created our very first online design company together called LogoMood, specializing in logo design, branding & corporate identity.

About a year and half ago we wanted to expand our design reach to include our passion for illustration & invitation design, so we decided to create our own online invitation design & custom gift boutique called Moodthology Papery. Our shop has since expanded from an event & special occasion invitation store to now offering unique personalized gifts & designs for an array of products: stationary, home decor, business designs, stickers, electronic device covers, fitness accessories, office & organization & so much more!

We love creating unique design pieces, married with style, quality and originality. This level of quality is achieved with the creation of our own hand-drawn, hand-painted and unique artistic design pieces for each and every design piece that we create. At our core, is a great love for design, illustration, color, typography and of corse paper!

Why we started our design blog

It’s been a little over a year now since we started our Moodthology Papery business and it’s always been on our mind to start our very own design blog to serve as a creative outlet where we can share our love for art & design.

It’s been a year in the making! the time has finally arrived! We’re super excited about our new design blog and that we get to share with you our love for all things design, art, typography, color, trends, new design products and more of what Moodthology Papery has to offer!

What you can except to see in our blog posts

Above all, our rise & design blog will serve as a creative outline offering various design resources, inspirational content, a creative source for invitations, design trends, party & event planning, wedding designs/inspiration, home in design, holiday planning, gift ideas and so much more!

We’re so delighted that you’re here & we can’t wait to share our passion for art & design with you!

Warm Regards, Lisa & Melanie

Moodthology Papery

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