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Plan a FaceTime Party For Your Next Birthday Party, Baby Shower etc.

Trying times like this current situation can be extremely overwhelming. First and foremost we are wishing everyone from all over the world peace & safely. Plan a FaceTime party In order to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic and slow the spread of the virus. It is essential that we all enforce social distancing. It remains one of the best measures we all can do to slow the virus and flatten the curve.

We live in such a technological age of computers, cell phones, and tablets. These can help bring us together with our friends and family during these troubling times. Even though we can’t have in-person parties for birthdays, baby showers, bridal showers, etc. We can certainly bring ourselves closer to our loved ones via video chat and FaceTime. So… why not plan a FaceTime party for an upcoming birthday party, baby shower, etc.

To shine a positive light on the struggles of social distancing we’ve created some unique and fun FaceTime online video chat party invitations. Take your Birthday party or baby shower party online with our fun, unique online video FaceTime party invitations. This can be a really fun way to celebrate a special occasion with loved ones for the safety of our homes.

Below you’ll find our unique online party invitations that you can customize and send out to your party guests. We can all do this if we all do this together!

Plan a FaceTime Party
Check out Our Selection of Online FaceTime Party Invitations

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